Web-based Email

What is this “web based email” that you always talk about?

Short answer: email that you check using your web browser.

Outlook Express and Thunderbird are referred to as email “clients”. They’re programs on your computer whose main goal in life is to manage your email.

“Web based”, on the other hand, is located on a server and can be accessed from any computer using a web browser. You don’t usually have as many options for filtering, sorting, or saving email, but if you want a free email account they’re great.

Two popular free web based email services include Yahoo Mail! and MSN/Hotmail. Google has Gmail in the beta stage which should be unleashed on the public soon. AOL can be considered web based since you can check it in the AOL browser or any web browser.

Since there is no standard way to do things like change text color, create filters, make folders, or add pictures it’s hard to write many tips for these email services. Also, they regularly “improve” without warning, causing things to work differently than they did the week before.

If you have a POP3 email account that you check using a mail client, it’s still a good idea to sign up for a free web-based account. When you register products or sign up for stuff you can have it sent there rather than your regular account. This can help keep your inbox clean.

I hope this clears things up.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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