Project C-90

This is a pictorial walk through a recent history/pop culture—the history of the cassette tape.

Cassette tapes are slowly being phased out of our everyday life. Last year we had to search seven stores on three different days to find a CD player that still featured a cassette player as well.

Here you can check out Cassette tapes from Agfa to Toshiba. You’ll find pictures of the tapes and sometimes the inserts here for you to browse through.

There is also a great section of the gallery dedicated to Funny Ones. These are interesting especially the first image of the Duo-64. Also a section of Unidentified Cassettes—hey maybe you know what brand they are.

I honestly didn’t know how many brands of cassette tapes there are out there. It was kinda crazy for me to be looking through this gallery since I know of two brands from my personal use. The rest were really a mystery to me.

So check out this blast to the past!


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