If you’ve got a sweet tooth, or you just simply can’t resist a good piece of chocolate, then this site is definitely for you. Welcome to the Chocolate Life!

Here you can appreciate and learn about different kinds of chocolate as well as read reviews on specific types of chocolate. If you scroll down the main page you will find lots of different articles on different kinds and aspects of chocolate. This is but one way to get started on this site. You could also choose the side menu options.

Under “Review Categories” you will find: Chocolatiers, Styles, Specialty, and Other. If you scroll a little further down you get the Archives menu.

Chocolatiers — This section includes Prestige, Gourmet, Mass Market Premium, Eating Chocolate (Bars), Baking Chocolate, Hot/Drinking Chocolate, and Gourmet Candy Bars. All filled with interesting articles on chocolate. From Godiva to Hot Chocolate at your favorite Starbucks, you get lots of style, flavor, and information.

Styles — This section is divided up by country you can choose from: American, European, French and Nouvelle American. Find out where some of your favorites originated.

Specialty — Soy Chocolate?!? While definitely not for me, it does cover a larger market than you would think as well as boasting a Sugar Free/Low Carb section for all of you Atkins and South Beach fans.

Other — This section is a little fun and frisky! Taste Offs, and the Quick Bites section. The Quick Bites are little snippets of information on different types of chocolates, just kind of a “did you know”, here are some neat facts, section.

And then of course there are the Archives where you can check out your favorite section in review.

Well I’m off to Godiva to fill my chocolate craving with some chocolate covered strawberries, try not to get too hungry while surfing this site!

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