Manhole Covers—Fine Sewer Art

I’ve found one other good manhole cover site in my travels surfing the net (Drainspotting), but this site far surpasses the last one. This one is streamlined and filled with neater content. The site starts you out with the definition of a manhole. You also get some great examples on the main page.

This site is divided into the following sections: History, Pictures, New Pictures, Contribute, Voices, and Trivia.

History — This is where you can learn the history of manholes, and their covers all the way back to Bible days. Is a very interesting read, and doesn’t take forever to read it. It’s a great summary of the history of manhole covers.

Pictures — Well this of course is the heart and soul of the site. Here you will be able to view pictures in several different ways: by continent, randomly, or rated. Continent: choose the continent you want explore from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Or you can click on either “Random Manhole Cover” or “Rate Our Manhole Covers”.

Newest Pictures — This is a whole separate section but it’s just another way of viewing the pictures. These are the newly added manhole covers.

Contribute — Do you have pictures of manhole covers that you would like to share with people? Well, if so, check out this section to find out how you can contribute to this growing collection.

Voices — this section lets you fill out a form to let your opinion be heard. Do you have something to say about this site and their manhole covers?

Trivia — here you will find several things to do. You can check out the languages section, play games, or read and share manhole stories.

This hole site is worth climbing into.


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