Move Outlook Express to new Drive/Partiton

Is there any way to get my Outlook Express email to save on the “D” drive?

Yes, you can move the storage folder for your email program to any drive or partition then point Outlook Express to the new location.

First you need to figure out where OE keeps all your messages. Outlook Express uses small databases to store your information. Once you figure out where those databases are, you can copy them, back them up, or do whatever else to it your little heart desires.

If you are running a newer version of Outlook Express, it’s fairly easy to figure out where your e-mail databases are. Just hit the Tools menu, Options. On the screen that pops up, click the Maintenance tab, then click the Store Folder button. Outlook Express will show you where it’s keeping your e-mail databases.


It may be in a folder named “outlook express” or “OE” in the “My Documents” folder or in the following location:

C:\Windows\Application data\Microsoft\Outlook Express

If you have your computer set-up for multiple users, your Outlook Express mail is probably in:

C:\Windows\Application data\Identities\ID NUMBER\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Note that the “ID NUMBER” folder above will probably be a folder that uses an alphanumeric code for it’s name.

If for some reason you don’t see the Outlook Express folder in the above location, right-click your Start button, select Find (or Search), and enter *.dbx in the Named field (make sure you select your C drive from the “look in” drop down box). This will bring up these “dbx” files, which live in the folder you’re looking for. Note that on some older versions of Outlook Express, these may have been “mbx” files, so if you can’t find *.dbx files, try *.mbx.

Now, head over to that location then Copy (Ctrl+C) the entire folder “OE” or “Outlook Express”. *Notice that I said COPY, not cut—we want to make sure everything is OK before deleting. Open the drive/partition you want to store email on and paste (Ctrl+V).

Now, go back to the Store Location box in OE and click the “Change” button. Find your way to the new location and hit OK.


A message will come up telling you that a store folder exists, do you want to use it—Click “YES”.

Shut down Outlook Express then restart. Bring up the Store Folder locator one more time to make sure that it’s pointing to the new location. If so, you can now go back and delete the original folder from your C drive.

There you go—more space on your C drive.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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