Rock On, Rock On

I am just astounded by the marvels of this site. I mean, you wonder about the stones of Stonehenge and Easter Island, and then you see stuff like this. What stuff am I talking about? Well I’m talking about the Balancing Art of Bill Dan who uses rocks as his medium of expression.

The Gallery section — this is where you should start adventuring. I was blown away by this man’s work. Click “enlarge” to make it bigger, and at the bottom of the page you will find a link to the second gallery. There a lot of galleries but it does not take long to surf through. You will also find some bottles balanced, some birds balancing on the sculptures and much, much more.

Work — Here you can learn a little about Bill Dan and his artwork.

Learning — Check out these galleries of people learning to balance rocks the way that Bill Dan does.

Not much else to tell you about this one because the pictures will speak for themselves. Hope you are as blown away by these as I was.


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