ScreenSwift 5.0

What ScreenSwift does is allow you to create flash desktop wallpapers that actually behave just exactly like a flash file. This isn’t some stagnant image. You can either store the entire flash movie as a wallpaper and when you want to see the movie action select the “Play” button and get some popcorn.

There is nothing to the set up. All you need are some .swf files—which is easy enough with this tip. From there you simply input the path to the file you want to use, select “Preview and Build” and the program makes a little .exe (program). When the .exe creation is complete then just double click it, and watch the installation. It’s very quick and you will see the Movie starting page come up with some sort of start button.

The Wallpaper doesn’t constantly run, however; only when you elect to run it but selecting the button to do so.

This is really cool and something a little different; if any of you know how to edit flash movies you could really make some cool desktops.

I hope you enjoy this one.

Download site:


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