American Garden Museum

Finally! A site that is dedicated to the hard work of American Gardeners and their gardens! Why don’t you explore the museum with me today?

Showcase — this section seemed to be the highlighted garden of the site at the current moment.

Gardens — click on the map and choose a state to see the gardens highlighted for that state. Explore gardens across the United States, and believe me, you can spend hours just looking at these lovely places.

Exhibition — the scrapbook of Lois Travis Thornton. See beautiful photos from the 1920’s to 1940’s of gardens all around America. My favorite is of the pond with the water lilies—it’s such a beautiful view.

Inspiration — This is a great section too. Here you can find breath stealing inspiration for your own gardens. From paths, gates, and fountains to the very different kinds of plants you can grow in a garden here you will find definite inspiration.

Botanical — “You can view almost 100 popular and historical garden species through this growing archive. Just click the links below to search by Common or Latin name or click ‘Next’ to browse through all the plants.”

From my garden to yours, I hope you find inspiration to grow something new from this site. Enjoy!


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