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Where do I begin? This free download is a recommendation from Shawn (part of the creative force here at Worldstart). It’s a 3D rendering/animation program, he informed me, but he was a little concerned that it may be a little much for the average reader. Not having a ton of exposure to this type of program I ignored Shawn’s concern since I was eager to try my hands at this animation program. I told Shawn that our readers would love the program and I’m sure most can handle it.

Shawn spun around in his chair and linked out to As the page loaded I took one look at the complex, convoluted interface and a wave of fear utterly consumed me, turning I fled down the hallway screaming, “I just do screen shots, and photo touch-ups—it’s too much ahhhhh”. After I had collected myself, I ventured forth again, and facing my fears, I looked head long into the eyes of this wild technological beast, and then I understood. There is no watered down version, no training wheels—this is the real deal, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

All joking aside, Blender is an animation program that is out of this world. It really is full functioning professional CGI program. As far as digital animation and 3D rendering goes, you’re covered—with this program you are only restricted by your imagination.

There are numerous examples on Blender’s site of still images, 3D models, and fully animated movies that really showcase some of what Blender can do. If you were to go and buy a comparable program be prepared to dish out the cabbage, Maya (probably the industry leader in CGI) for instance can run a $1000 easily.

If you’re interested in CGI, I couldn’t think of any better way to get started. The program is complicated, but that’s the nature of 3D animation, and since it’s from the Open Source Community you know that you’ll find tons of help out there. As a matter of fact you will find instructional overload at If you have a question you can easily tap into a plethora of resources whether it be the a link to one of the almost countless number of community forums, online manuals, tutorials, examples, whatever you need it’s there.

I was going to post a list of the abilities that Blender is capable of, but there are honestly too many, and besides Dave gets jealous when I hog up all the Newsletter space. So instead, I decided to just give you a taste, a quick look, touching on some of the highpoints. If you like what you see then I strongly urge you to take a deeper look at this wonderful program. Who knows, you could be the creator of the next Jimmy Neutron.

Here’s a couple of screen shots of what others have done with Blender.


Click for larger image


Click for larger image

Download it here…

~ Chad

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~ Chad Stelnicki

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