DVD Region Settings

DVD’s have different region codes. Region 0 play on all DVD players, Region 1 in USA and Canada, Region 2 is Japan & Europe, Region 4 covers South America—there are places online to find more detailed listings, but you get the point. A region 2 DVD will only play on a region 2 DVD player while a region 1 will not.

If you have a DVD player in your computer you may get an error message telling you to change your region. If it is a domestic DVD then you can set it to your local region. If it is a foreign DVD, then you can change the region in Windows XP, BUT ONLY 5 TIMES. So, unless you exclusively watch Japanese DVD’s I wouldn’t recommend changing your region. If you do need to change the region, here’s what to do:

*You must be logged in as the administrator, or be part of the administrative group to make this change. You also need to have a DVD for that region in your drive when you make the change.

Right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”. On the “Hardware” tab, click “Device Manager”.

You’ll see a list of devices—double-click DVD/CD-ROM drives the right-click the DVD drive that you want to change region settings for then choose Properties.

On the “DVD Region” tab change it to the region you need.


The DVD Region tab should display the number of changes still available to you. If the DVD Region tab shows that you have only one more opportunity to change the setting (Changes remaining = 1), you should change it back to United States or whatever your local setting is. Remember, YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS 5 TIMES.

Apprécier les films.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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