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“The goal of the Renaissance Faire Homepage is to contain a wealth of material for renfaire workers and customers alike. Covering the topics of BFA (basic faire accent) and pronunciation, costuming, acting, and basic history from the Tudor period through the end of the Elizabethan, this site provides a touch of everything for the reinactor or renaissance fair enthusiast.”

There are several ways to surf this site—you can use the blue links in the middle of the page, or you can scroll down and click on the pictures that say Index, Costuming, Acting, etc. Or you can click on the links beneath those pictures and be taken to those sections.

Index — this section tells you all about Renaissance Faires. The different kinds and places you may find them. As well as what you might want to wear to the faire to feel more the part. Here you will find a section called “How Do I Get to the Faire?” Therein lies the information to find a faire near you.

Costuming — This is where you can find out just about anything you need to know about the costumes to wear to the faire and the costumes being worn by those running the faire. This section also links to resources for where you can get boots and armor, or patterns to make your outfits.

Acting — This section is more for those working at a faire but can also help you out if you happen to be called upon for one of their gigs. Most acting at a faire is improvisational and interactive meaning that they get faire goers to participate with them. This section can help you avoid such interaction or ham it up.

Languages — Most people acting in the faires and selling wares there will be speaking in Elizabethan accents. This is not the snooty sound of current movies and plays but more of an accent from “backwood communities on the East Coast of the United States.” Greetings often include Good Day, Good Morrow, etc. This will help you understand them a little better, or you can even try out your accent on them.

The rest of this site is really a joy to explore. I’m looking forward to the Renaissance Fair I attend this summer, why don’t you find a fair near you and enjoy the day?

Fare thee well!


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