Take Bookmarks and Favorites with You

Would you like to take your favorites and bookmarks with you wherever you go? If you have a web-based email account (like Yahoo or Gmail) then you can. This is also a great way to send someone your favorites.

First you need to create a bookmarks or favorites html file.

With Internet Explorer go to File / Import and Export to bring up the “Import/Export Wizard”. Click “Next”.

Select “Export to a file” then “Next”. Put a check next to “Favorites”. If your favorites are organized into folders you can choose to save all (that would be the top folder “Favorites”, or just a specific folder.


Now choose a location where you’d like to save the file. I would select the “Browse” button and save it to my desktop for easy finding. Click “Next”.

“Finish” and we’re done with the first part.

You can export a list of Firefox bookmarks too: Go to Bookmarks at the top, select Organize Bookmarks and then Import and Backup. Select “Backup..” and choose a location and name (again, I suggest the desktop) then Save.

Once you have this file on your desktop you can open your email program, or bring up the email page on your browser, and create a new message. Make the recipient yourself, your friend, or your second address (some email servers block messages where the sender and recipient are the same).

You can open the Bookmark/Favorite HTML file in a seperate browser window and simply select all (Ctrl+A), copy (Ctrl+C), then paste (Ctrl+V) into the body of the email. This is the way to go if you will be checking your email from a public computer (library, internet cafe, etc.)

Another option is to attach the HTML file to the email so it can be saved/downloaded then imported back into Internet Explorer or Firefox on another computer.

After you decide which method to use, go ahead and send the email.When you receive the message, save it to a folder or flag it so it isn’t deleted.

Now, wherever you go you can check your email online and access your links via this saved message.


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