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I don’t know if I could count the number of times Steve has found me playing online poker at work. He must not be a card player because it really seems to upset him, every time he notices I’m playing some Texas hold’em he gets all made and goes on and on about work or something. I don’t know, it’s hard to play when Steve’s talking to me, it’s really starting to eat into my card playing time. How am I ever going to be a serious online card-playing contender with all these interruptions?

Well those worries are over, thanks to today’s download. Boss Key is an ingenious little program that can make any open window vanish without a trace, not even an entry in the taskbar. Want the program back up? Simply press the hotkey combo again and presto, you’re up and running—the programs, folders, whatever reappear as fast as they vanished. The program doesn’t close anything it simply hides them, so they are still running and you don’t have to worry about lost data or unsaved material.

This will close open folders, active applications, even desktop icons and the taskbar. With all these options activated it’s possible to be looking at your wallpaper and nothing else in a mere second, appearing as though your doing nothing at all, to the untrained eye—which, by the way, isn’t the best plan of action if you’re trying to impress the “Big Guy”, if you know what I mean.

All joking aside, the program is so easy I could teach my cat to use it, and that’s no joke, it’s that easy to use. After the 3 second install, all you need to do is spend a minute looking over the interface and you’ll be an expert. Four check boxes and the same hot-key combination that hides/unhides everything—what more could you ask for. There is a Help file and support contact email just in case you do need a little guidance, but I think you’ll be fine.

So, if you have been looking for a program that allows you to hide all open windows in your windows session then you need to try Boss Key. It’s free, easy, and works like a champ.

Download it here…

~ Chad

**WorldStart is not the developer of this software and cannot offer technical support.

Chad Stelnicki

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