Roma 2000

They say that all roads lead to Rome so that must mean all information superhighways lead to Roma2000. The site is divided into the following sections: Museums, Monuments, Itinerary, Map and Mass Transport.

Museums — check out the Museums that Rome has to offer you. Choose the Museum you are interested in and get lots of information on what is on display there. From the Vatican Museums to the Medieval and Modern Museums you’ll know what displayed there.

Monuments — Chose a monument to explore from the list. You will get an image of the monument as well as the background history that goes with it. I loved hopping around this section it was like visiting all of the monuments on a tour.

Itinerary — This section is divided into three parts: Itinerary on Foot, Villas of Rome, and Rioni of Rome. Itinerary on Foot discusses the walking tours and what things would be seen if you were on one. The Villas of Rome gives you a list of Villas to choose from, and explore. And the Rioni of Rome shows you the traditional districts of Rome on a map — if you click a district it tells you the history behind that district. Very informative!

Map — Also interesting, here you can see a map of Rome. It is divided into 9 sections, and clicking on one of the sections will give you a higher detailed map.

Mass Transport — this section links you to the airport of Rome, and the buses and subways. You can find the specific times of transport.

A lovely look at a historic city, I’ve just added a place I want to travel to, to my list.


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