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Going back to school after not going to college right away is a very daunting idea for some. What will the other students think? How will you get financial aid? What do you need to do to register? While all those questions have crossed my mind—I know that going back to college will be rewarding.

I’m lucky in having living proof of how successful adult students can be when they go back because my mom got her education a little bit at time, until she graduated at age 40 with her masters in Education. But not everyone is lucky enough to have such a shining example of why going back to college can be rewarding, and facing the decision to go back to college myself honestly had the butterflies in my stomach in an uproar, so I went looking for a site that makes the whole process easier.

And I found one that does just that. Back to College provides all the resources you need before making the big step of returning to school. On the side menu you will notice the options of Getting Started, FAQ, Admissions, Financial Aid, Degree Programs, Online Degrees, Online Courses, Career Planning, Credit Options, Internships, Academics, Discount Textbooks, Cool Tools and Special Reports. While we aren’t going to discuss all of these, I will tell you that I read them all from Getting Started to Special Reports and boy did answer a lot of my questions.

I wanted to know how to get financial aid, something that scared the heck out of me when I was 18. Everyone suddenly wanted money from me—money I didn’t have. So I dropped my course load and said “no way Jose!” Now I know how it all works and can make educated choices about how to pay for college.

I highly recommend the FAQ. It really touches on a lot of what you’ll want to know when you go back to college. The other really great thing about this site is that you can get answers from those who have been through it before in the Forums section—you can find the tab for the forums near the top of the page.

Congratulations to those of you, who like me, are thinking of going Back to College.

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