Easy Way to Put text in Email

Readers email me questions about the same issues over and over again. In some cases I have a short answer so I make these into signature files. However, when I get more involved answers it requires a longer explanation. For these I have a cool way to get the info I need.

In Outlook Express create a new email message. Click the body text portion of the message then go to Insert/Text from File.

You can then browse through your computer for either .txt (Notepad) files or .htm (web page) files. By changing the “file type” at the bottom of the selection window.

I created a text file in Notepad with an article that answers a common question. I can then go to my hard drive and locate it then click “Open”.


The text from the file will appear in the body of the email.

Another option, if you know how to use HTML (web design), is to create a file with pictures and other formatting. Make sure that the email format is set to “Rich Text”. Go to Insert/Text from File and choose HTML as the file type. Find your .htm file and click “Open”.

You’ll see all the pictures and formatting appear in the email.

If you use a few of these, then I suggest you create a separate folder for them.

A quick way to put in a lot of text when a short signature just won’t do.

~ David

P.S. Thunderbird, Netscape Mail, AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail don’t have this feature so you are stuck with copying from the source and pasting into the email.

David Samuel Thomas

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