Health Span Calculator

This is great calculator that not only helps you determine how long, by scientific standards, you’ll live but also to find out what you can do differently to be healthier.

The quiz contains five sections: A-E. Each section has a different amount of questions. It took me under ten minutes to fill the whole thing out. They ask you questions about how you are living, whether you smoke, family background, etc.

When you have answered each question click “Calculate Your Life Expectancy”. This will total up your answers and give you an estimated age. When you scroll down it will go through each question with you and give you advice, even links that you can check out to live healthier.

When I totaled up my points my estimated age was 88.9, and I’m living fairly healthy. The only real pointer it had for me was to exercise more and eat healthier snack foods. Which I’ve already started doing!

Of course, I don’t know what to tell you if it gives you a life expectancy lower than your current age. Just count your blessings I guess.


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