Help With Excel Formula Syntax

Help With Excel Formula Syntax

So, you’re trying to use a formula in MS Excel but it’s been a while and you can’t quite remember the formatting to use when entering the cell references of the data. Hmm… what to do, what to do?

Well, if you’ve got a newer version of Excel (let’s say XP or newer) then the gentle reminder you need is closer than you think.

To get Excel to offer up some help you begin by starting your formula – so type in the equal sign, the function name and then the left parentheses. At this point, where you’d normally start entering cell reference information, pause for just a second.

If you give Excel a chance you’ll find that it offers up some assistance in the form of a ToolTip.


From here Excel will give you some idea as to what the required syntax is for the function.

Need more of a detailed explanation? No problem – click the function name in the ToolTip and Excel’s online help will open immediately displaying information pertaining to the specific function you’re trying to use.

Just Excel’s way of giving us a little helping hand when we need it most!

~ April

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