Leave My Addresses Alone!

Leave My Addresses Alone!

Tired of the way your program (Excel, Word or PowerPoint) keeps changing all your web or email addresses into hyperlinks automatically?

Looking for a way to get these programs to stop it and behave themselves?

If you’ve been answering with yes responses then here’s just the thing for you.

What you have happening is the AutoCorrect feature of the program(s) is taking over each time it detects an email or web address. It’s then trying to save you time by automatically creating hyperlinks for the addresses instead of you manually setting each one.

Sounds like a good idea unless you’re creating a printed document, presentation or other file where you want the addresses to look just like all the other text and not like a hyperlink.

To remove an individual hyperlink immediately after it’s created simply hit the undo button (Ctrl + Z). This will undo the last action which was AutoCorrect’s switch of your text to a hyperlink.

Should you decide to remove an individual hyperlink later then right click on it and choose Remove Hyperlink from the menu.


If you’re using a newer version of the MS Office Suite and you’d like to turn this feature off completely then follow these simple steps:

  • First go to the Tools menu, AutoCorrect Options choice.
  • Now go to the AutoFormat As You Type tab.


  • Here, in the Replace as you type section, uncheck the “Internet and network paths with hyperlinks” checkbox.
  • Click Ok.

At this point the program will stop all that annoying text conversion to hyperlink stuff and simply leave your addresses alone.

~ April

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