It's Cooler in the Shade

In the vein of recent tips dealing with ways to dress up your documents, worksheets, presentation, etc., let’s check out another way to create unique and eye-catching elements. (Just one last “fun” thing before we get back to all that productive stuff.)

What I’m talking about today is the Shadow button from your Drawing Toolbar.


It’s another simple way to change a basic object into something that really adds to the overall look of your information.

Things start exactly the same way as they do for 3D effects. First select your object. Now click on the Shadow button.

A palette will open allowing you to pick the type and direction of your shading.


You need to take a good look at the bottom of the palette.

See it?

Yep, it says Shadow Settings. Once you’ve chosen a shadow type from the palette go back and click it.

A little toolbar will open allowing you to modify your shading beyond the basic choices on the palette.


The first button will turn the shading on and off.

The next section—containing four buttons—will nudge the shadow, in very small increments, in the direction of the arrow. Repeatedly clicking a button will allow you to move the shadow as far as you need.

Then the last button opens the usual color palette where you can choose the color of the shadow—no more boring gray!

Now that you know where it is—come out of the light and into the shade.

~ April

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