I want to bring you my favorite section of this site. The Balboa Reflecting Pool in San Diego, CA. There are a lot of great pictures here at the GIGAPXL Project, but these were by far my favorites. Navigation is easy – just scroll down. If you want to check out the rest of the site, just use the Site Menu on the side menu.

This project is about photography with Gigapxl cameras. To learn more about the project, I recommend checking out the Project Overview link. It will explain all about the project in great detail and really educates you on photography as a whole.

These pictures are amazing. The clarity alone makes you feel as though you are standing right there at the reflecting pool or looking out over the Grand Canyon. But when you see how incredible the clarity is where they zoomed in with the camera, you’ll just be simply astounded.

So, I hope that you enjoy this jaunt into photography. Some of the sights that you will see are just amazing. I highly recommend you view the Square Tower Ruin, Angel’s Window (Grand Canyon), Half Dome Yosemite and the Palace of Fine Arts.

To take a glance view of the images, click the Image Gallery link where you can see all of the images at once and pick and choose which ones you really want to see further in depth.

I also think their FAQ page is great and answers a lot of cool questions. To check it out, click the FAQ button on the silver bar at the top of the page.

This site makes me want to join their project and just travel the world taking pictures.

~ Amanda

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