Just Picture It

Just Picture It

Yesterday we discussed adding the Options button to our MS Office Toolbars and when we were done our button was a rather plain looking thing simply labeled with the word Options.

Now, how is it that the buttons Microsoft uses are pictures and all we get are words?

Well – fortunately this is a situation we can do something about.

There’s two ways to handle the situation. The first thing to do is to use a button image provided from Microsoft and the second is to paste in the image that you choose.

Either way, it amounts to you having smaller buttons (the pictures are much smaller than the text) leaving room for you to choose even more buttons on the toolbar.

To use an image provided by Microsoft you first need to open the Customize window. (Tools menu, Customize choice -or- right click on a toolbar and select Customize -or- if you used yesterday’s tip, you could click the Customize button you created)!

With the Customize window open, right click on the button that needs an image.

When the menu opens, go to Change Button Image.

When you arrive at that choice, a palette of button images will open. Simply click on one and it will be displayed with the text on your button.

Wait! I know exactly what you’re thinking. If we just added a picture to the text, didn’t we make the button larger, not smaller? And yes, you’d be right on that count, but we’re not done yet.

Next, you’ll need to right click on the button again and this time choose Default Style from the menu.

Instantly the text will disappear and you’re left with only the picture.

Whew! That covers the button images provided by Microsoft, but what if you’d like to use something else?

Let’s say maybe something you drew with the drawing tools or clip art or even an actual picture? (Keep in mind, it will be small, so don’t expect too much from complicated items, but this is definitely an alternative).

Here’s the scoop when it comes to using something not already in the button picture palette.

First you need to open the picture / clip art you want to use. (Or draw something with the drawing tools).

Now select the picture and copy it. (Ctrl + C)

Next it’s back to the Customize window.

With the Customize window open, right click on the button and choose Paste Button Image.

Poof! The image is added to the button.

Finally, repeat the process of right clicking and choose Default Style.

And… close the Customize window.

That’s all there is to it! Now your customized buttons can be picture perfect too!

~ April

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