West Point in the Making of America

West Point in the Making of America

For me, West Point has been something that I’ve had very peripheral knowledge of. I knew that it existed and that people went to school there and trained there, but I had little to no idea of how much of an impact it has had on history. So, as soon as I discovered this interesting fact, I wanted to share it with all of you.

You’ll find navigation along the top of the page with the categories: History, Graduates, Discover, Resources and Exhibition.

History – You’ll also notice that you can get to this section from the main part of the page in the large blue frame where you find the “Enter History” button. I only point this out because there is an interesting introduction above the button! From its beginning in 1802 (after being originally thought up in 1783) to its current standing in the present day, you can learn about over 200 years of its history and its impact on America’s history.

Graduates – This is where you will learn about the graduates of West Point. Fifty-one graduated are mentioned in this section for their brilliance in engineering, exploration and war. Some of them are surprising while some are well known. All of them contributed to the history of America. From making muskets with interchangeable parts to building bridges, or scouting territory, or even planning battle, these men had sharp minds.

Discover – I think this is my favorite section of the site. Here you can view explorations, panoramas and even begin an expedition. Or you can take the quiz that is offered to see how much you know! It also takes you on the expedition General Warren took in 1856, starting with a letter to the Smithsonian Institution. It is interactive throughout the whole exciting journey.

Resources – This is where you’ll find the reference material for the site.

Exhibition – Here you can see the exhibit floorplan and get a brief history of West Point.

Now it’s your turn to explore the site and learn. What revelations will you discover as you traverse this site?


~ Amanda

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