More Details in Your Columns

We’ve talked before about adding info to properties in documents and media files. In case you missed it, head over to the tip on the Worldstart web site…

Well, did you know that in Vista and XP you make any of this info available as columns in Detail View? No? Then check this one out.

I stumbled across this after I created a folder full of MP3 files. All that showed was the file name, but I wanted to view the artist and song title as well.

As a rule, when all else fails I right click something. So, I right-clicked the column header and sure enough, there was a list of columns that I could add to the folder details.

For music files I selected “Artist” and “Title”. For document files you might want “Author” and “Comments”. You might also decide you don’t need “size” and “date modified”—just uncheck them.

Next you can re-order where the columns are. you should keep the “Name” column first since this is where you click to open the file. Left-click the column, hold down the left mouse key and drag to where you want it.

Now that you have it set up, you can sort the columns any way you want with a simple click.

If nothing shows up in these new columns it’s because you don’t have any info in those fields. Again, check out the tip about properties or use your media player to “Tag” your MP3s.

I hope this makes your files easier to manage.

~ David

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