National Anthems

National Anthems

I’d start out by recommending that you read the introduction as it explains why some things were included, how you can contribute, and what you can find in different areas.

This site is so easy to navigate. Just click the letter of the country that you want to learn about then choose the country from the menu tree that drops down for that letter.

Not only can you learn the history of that anthem, but you can also listen to a .midi sound file, check out the lyrics, or view the sheet music, all which are downloadable. However, the real gem of the section is the work put into the history of the anthems. Get ready to learn some interesting facts when you read them.

If you want to know what was recently added or updated check out the What’s New link. If you want to find more information on anthems check out the Link’s section where you can, you guessed it, links to other sites.

They also have a Frequently Asked Question page where you can see some of the common questions that have already been answered on the site. You’ll find some great answers on anthems as a whole, such as how they got started, do all countries have them, etc.


~ Amanda

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