Nutrition Data

Nutrition Data

With all the holiday food that is going to get eaten at holiday parties and family dinners, my thoughts turn to nutrition. Would you believe I found a great site on nutrition data? My favorite thing is the search engine where you put in the food and it tells you the nutritional value of it.

I recommend that everyone start at the ND Quick Start link. This will really help you make the most out of the site. It covers everything you really need to know to use the site.

The site is about analyzing what you eat. You can even analyze your own recipes for nutritional value. I used my Taco bake as an example.

1 lb. ground beef
1 taco seasoning packet in the mild variety
1 packet of Sazon
3 flour burrito shells
2 8 oz. bags of casserole shredded cheese

Brown the ground beef, follow the directions on the taco seasoning package and add the Sazon to the seasoning, then layer the meat then cheese then burrito shell until you are out of layers, ending with meat then cheese, bake for 25 minutes at 400 degrees.

But while it is tasty what is its nutritional data? Add the ingredients to your pantry, then you can update the quantity you need and find out its nutritional information as a recipe.

You’ll notice in the middle of the front page that are some great Free tools and even diet tips. There are great topics that are highlighted, and you can find more in the Topics section.

You know another really great use for this site – is you can find nutritional data for some of your favorite places to eat out like Pizza Hut (which is a real weakness of mine) I put in pizza in the search engine and it came up with different pizzas from different pizza places, I scrolled down till I found Pizza Hut and the pizza I ate. Not too bad for you if you aren’t eating it all the time. It’s a great source of Protein and Selenium but is high in Sodium.

I think this site is a real keeper, it’ll help me keep track of my recipes and the food I get out at a restaurant in perspective nutritionally.

~ Amanda

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