Obsolete Computer Museum

Obsolete Computer Museum

I really love technology so when I found this site I was thrilled to take a walk through the computer’s history. When I got here I thought where’s the navigation? Well, you have to scroll down the page to get to it. After the first two sections you come to the Lobby and Exhibits section. Exactly what we’re looking for!

Lobby – here you will find the Latest News, the Tom Copper Exhibit, the Obsolete Computer Museum FAQ, the Obsolete Computer Helpline, Very, Very Smart People, and Very, Very Kind People.

I suggest you check out the Tom Copper Exhibit. It was neat to see that many old err, obsolete computers all in on place.

Exhibits – here is where you will find the actual obsolete computers. Listed from A to Z complete with photos, commentary, and who owns them. My favorite out of all the computers listed is the IMSAI 8080. It’s just a really neat, funky little computer that I took a liking too. Take your time exploring this section as there are a lot of different computers to cover.

It’s interesting to see the way that technology has progressed over the years. It makes me wonder what’s coming next in the land of home computers. I mean, most of us have yet to figure out our home computers 🙂


~ Amanda

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