Wayfaring is the neatest thing to hit maps in a long time. I admit that I’m a map geek. So when I found this site I went gaga and spent way too many hours playing with it instead of writing about it.

Now that I’ve gotten the ‘playing with it’ out of my system, I’m delighted to share it with you. You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s so neat about this map site?”. Well it allows you to create your own personalized map and to check out maps others have personalized.

The first thing you need to do is click the Create Map link on the top black bar. This will allow you to Register – don’t worry it’s FREE! You just need an e-mail address. Once you’ve confirmed your registration you’re ready to begin.

This is an excellent tool for giving directions, let me state that right away.

To Create a Map, you need to login, and click Create Map. Then you need to name your map. Once you’ve named your map, click the Next button. Now you can edit your map, and put your place markers down on it. You put notes, routes, and even other people’s wayfaring markers for the same area on it with the advanced options. When you’re done click the orange check mark labeled Finished.

This will take you to the Tag station – where you will add key words to your map to make it searchable. The better your tags are at describing your map the more people who will be able to find your map. Next is description – you’ll find this under text. You have an empty text block to start filling with a description of your map. Last but not least is Settings – this is where you can set your map to be public or private, and decide who can edit your map. Then all you need to do is save it.

Now you have other options to explore this site. You can Search or Explore.

Search – this option lets you use a search engine to find waypoint or maps in either your area or an area of your choosing. It is very easy to use.

Explore – this option let’s you explore the most recent maps added, as well as the best of wayfaring.

So get out there and EXPLORE!


~ Amanda

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