NBC Olympics

Ahh, it’s an Olympic year. This year, the winter Olympics are being held in Torino, Italy and the opening ceremony starts them off tonight on NBC. I look forward to the Olympics. I am huge figure skating fan. But it’s really hard to know when the event that you want to watch will be on, as well as, keep track of who is winning in each event.

Well NBC’s Olympic site can keep track of all of that for you. From TV listings of what events are on to by the minute updated news on what’s happening at the Olympics to a tracker of the scoreboard, you can’t go wrong by visiting this site.

So let’s start by talking about watching the events. On the front page, you’ll see a title bar that reads “Olympics on TV.” Put your zip code in the box and click go. After a couple more areas that allow you to fine tune where you are watching from, (i.e. your local station, cable service provider, etc.) you’ll be able to fully customize your TV listings. Once you’re all set up for that, you can then arrange the listing by Sport, Time and Network. This makes for very easy viewing. For instance, I customized mine by my zip code and then answered the questions they asked. Then I was able to sort by Sport so I can only watch figure skating if I want.

I want to especially point out the video section. Mainly because I spent a good two hours here watching videos of previous Olympic Events and such. I loved the Figure Skating Free Skate 2002 Salt Lake City winner Sarah Hughes’ program. To see so many triples landed beautifully is really amazing. I didn’t get to watch it the first time around, so lucky me! But, you can find videos for every sport and you can even queue them up in a play list. (Which has to be why I was there for so long. They made it too easy to watch!)

So, along the top, there are tabbed bars with the sections on them. They are as follows: Results and Schedules, TV Listings, Medals, Athletes, Video, Photos and Countries. (I’m skipping the TV Listings and Video section, because we already talked about them extensively).

Results and Schedules – this is where you can find the complete Olympic schedule, along with the results of each event once they are in.

Medals – this is where you will find the total medal count per country.

Athletes – are you curious as to who will be performing in the events at the Olympics? I know I was. Find out who made the team!

Photos – here you will find photos of the athletes, as well as photos from the 2002 Olympics.

Countries – find out all about Torino and its athletes who have to be feeling the pressure to shine as their country is hosting the Olympics. You can even find out about the latest news and check out the All Time Medals.

So don’t miss out on the Olympics. The actual games start on Saturday, February 11th. I know I’ll be tuning in, will you?


~ Amanda