What is System32

What exactly is System32?

We’ve all been getting e-mails about System32 this week and there seems to be some confusion, so let’s try to clear this up. Basically, System32 is a directory that is required on any Microsoft Windows system. So, if you use Windows, you’ve got to have System32 working in order for your computer to run properly.

System32 is usually located in the C: drive under C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Winnt\system32. Several of the Windows system files that you use to run your computer are stored in the System32 directory, which is why several of the errors you receive may be led by System32.

The System32 directory won’t usually cause any problems by itself, so if you are receiving an error with a System32 file, you need to search for that file to resolve the problem. Go to Start, Search and then choose All files and folders to search for the file that is giving you trouble.

Now, that’s just a basic overview of System32, but hopefully that answers some of your questions.

~ Erin

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