3B Browsing

3B Browsing

This week’s download puts a new twist on something I’m sure we’re all familiar with: surfing the Web. It’s called 3B and essentially, what it does is bring window shopping to the Web by creating a three dimensional environment out of Web sites.

3B groups different sites together in what they call cities based on criteria, such as interests. These cities are then presented to the user in an environment that resembles walking through a city street or mall.

You can navigate through the cities as though you were walking down a city street , with all the storefront images actually being the homepage of a related Web site. If you do see a store, excuse me, I mean a site that interests you, simply “walk” up to it and click on the site’s image, and you should be redirected to the actual Web site. Once you are at the actual site you wish to visit, you can browse around like you would any other Web site. When you’re done, hit the back button and you’re right back on the street.

In addition to the premade cities that you can choose from, there is an option to create what are called villages. These villages are nothing more than a collection of your sites that you have entered into your village settings. You can then visit them with only a few mouse clicks. This village doesn’t have to be all Web sites either. If you have photos posted on the Internet, you can enter these addresses allowing the images to come up in between the other Web sites in your village. In order to create a village, you have to create a free account and dump in the Web addresses you want. You don’t have to do it all at once either. You can always log in and modify your village in a matter of seconds.

3B Browsing is a completely different way to surf the Web. It is very graphically pleasing and the window shopping feel can really spark some ideas if you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for.

If you’re worried about the program being a little too much, keep in mind that they have a number of great tutorials for you that will quickly clue you in on how to use 3B’s tools and capabilities.

All in all, 3B is a very cool concept that creates a very unique and very cool Web surfing environment. I’m sure we will see more of these types of browsers in the future, but you guys can enjoy this one now. Go out and give 3B a try. I’m sure you will enjoy the download. Until next week, so long.

You can download the 3B browser, here.

Note: Minimum System Requirements:

· Cable or DSL broadband

· PC only, Pentium III or higher

· Windows XP of 2000

· Direct X 8.1 or later version

· 256 MB (or more) of main memory

·32 MB (or more) video card memory

· 1GB available hard disk space

~Chad Stelnicki

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