Anne Frank the Writer

Most of us have read The Diary of Anne Frank. I know that for at least my generation, it was part of the curriculum for reading when I attended school. (If you haven’t read it, I fully recommend that you do). To me it is amazing how well she formed her thoughts and penned them down as a teenager. I’ve tried to keep diaries and I find that my thoughts don’t translate onto paper; that I censor my own feelings for the fear that someone might find and read it. This is the opposite of how Anne Frank kept her diaries. She was open and honest about her experience while in hiding during World War II.

This site looks at Anne Frank for more than just her diary. It looks into Anne Frank, the writer. She wrote short stories, essays, the beginning of a novel and even fairy tales.

To begin you journey, either click Launch the Exhibition or An Unfinished Story at the top of the page. This will open in a new window and it is a fully interactive journey to discover Anne. Here you can experience more of Anne’s writing with excerpts from Eva’s Dream and Give. I found the exhibition charming and informative. It was a delight from start to finish.

But wait! There’s more to this site than just the interactive exhibit. You can find navigation on both the top and the side of the page. Curious to see what else will you find? Then be sure to check out these sections too:

Interviews – here you will find interviews, not only with the curators, but also with Anne Frank’s cousin Buddy Elias.

Original Writings – here you can see Anne’s original writing. You can zoom in and get an up close look at it. If you scroll your mouse over the images, it will tell you what you’re looking at from Anne’s diary to the pictures that hung on her wall. Get an up close look at those as well.

Web Links – here you will find links to other Web pages about Anne Frank. Explore them at will. I had already spent three hours at the Anne Frank site and couldn’t afford the time to follow my whim and explore these other links. I’ll just have to come back for them later!

Share Your Thoughts – here you can read other peoples’ responses to the site and their thoughts on Anne Frank. You’ll find comments by teenagers and adults. You can even leave your own thoughts here for others to read on this topic.

This is a moving site that is extremely well put together and poignant. You really learn about the girl behind the diary and her dream of being a writer.

~ Amanda