Secret Worlds

View the Milky Way 10 million light years away from Earth or the Quarks of a leaf cell off of an oak tree. This is really cool. Watch the image once the page has loaded. It will automatically start paging through the images by starting at the Milky Way, as described, all the way down to the oak tree’s leaves. Then from the leaves, it will go all the way down into the cellular matter of the leaf. You can change the amount of time between images with the slider bar beneath the image.

For further explanation, just scroll down that page (if you really like this, you’ll find out that you can have it as a screensaver now) and all will be explained. You’ll also find a link to the activity Perspectives: The Power of 10. This is an interesting activity. And there is even a Java tutorial on the subject.

Let’s not forget all the neat stuff on the side menu. You’ll find other sections to visit like: Optics Timeline, Student Activities, Teacher Resources, Tutorials, Background, Intel Play and Olympus MIC-D.

Optics Timeline – here you’ll find a timeline starting in prehistory to 999 and goes till 2003. Here you can learn quite a bit about optics in very little time.

Student Activities – here you will find other activities like the Power of 10 for students, kids and all of us who never stop learning. I loved this section. It was fun to take some time and try these activities out.

Teacher Resources – this section shows teachers how best to use the information and activities on this site.

Tutorials – this is a listing of all the interactive Java tutorials on the site.

Background – here you can get some answers to questions you may have. From the Frequently Asked Questions link to definitions to different topics explained, you’ll find this is a great section to browse for information.

Intel Play – here you can learn about the microscope that Intel and Mattel researched and created together.

Olympus MIC-D – this is another interesting microscope section. This one is geared more for adult users, whereas the previous one was designed with children in mind.

Don’t forget to check out the Photo Gallery, Movie Gallery and anything else I forgot to mention. There was too much good stuff on this site for me to remember it all.

~ Amanda