The History Place: The Civil War

(Warning: this site does have a pop-up, so make sure your pop-up blockers are on and ready to go. The content of this site still seemed worth sharing to me).

This site offers an in-depth look into the Civil War, battle by battle. Cover four years of intense conflict between the North and South in the war that divided the United States.

The site is fairly easy to navigate. Just scroll down the page to get all the information or you can use the “jump to” links at the top of the page. To use the “jump to” links, click a link and the page will jump down to that battle.

Each section is peppered with links of interest. From photographs to seeing the Gettysburg Address in Lincoln’s own hand writing, you’ll find plenty of intriguing things to check out.

Near the bottom of the page, you’ll find a link to the Lincoln Time Line where you can learn about Lincoln’s life in chronological order. You’ll find more great photos and links to information here as well.

At the very bottom of the page, you’ll find more links around the site that go to different eras and events of history. From Child Labor to World War II, you’ll get a good look into history in a very organized fashion.

To highlight a couple of great sections from the links at the bottom of the page, I’d recommend checking out Photo of the Week, This Month in History and the two movie sections. They are devoted to history movies. The sections are History videos and Hollywood’s best history movies, and while Glory was on the list of Civil War movies, I was upset not to find Gettysburg there. That was an awesome movie! (Oh and DO NOT click the title links in this section. It directs you to to try and get you to buy them. You can find most of these titles at your local library where rentals are free!)

So yet another good history site that got me excited about learning!

~ Amanda