Way Too Small

Something unusual happened to me the other day. While researching for an MS Office tip, I did a search through the Office Assistant and had quite a surprise when the information window opened.

What I got was this:

The titles are legible, but for the rest, it’s quite a struggle. Can you read the text?


Well neither could I. The window was normal size, it was only the informational text that was way too small.

Thinking that this could easily happen to someone else, it seemed that this was a situation we should discuss, so we all will know the solution.

After I recovered from my initial bewilderment, I dug through my mental archives for a way to increase text size and came up with a very quick fix.

First, click into the informational size of the help window.

Now, while holding down the Ctrl key, spin the scroll wheel on your mouse. If nothing happens, then scroll in the other direction.

You should find that the text size increases to normal and you can get the information you need without a magnifying glass.

P.S. – Here’s a bit of a bonus. This one also works for text viewing size in Word, Excel (it actually increases or decreases the number of cells on the screen), PowerPoint and message content in Outlook. Now that’s what I call a multi-purpose MS Office tip!

~ April