Single Worksheet Templates

I’m sure you’ve used templates in MS Excel that were entire workbooks, but have you ever wanted just a single sheet for a template?

You know, instead of opening a workbook template, just insert a sheet into another workbook?

Sounds like a good idea to me! After all, I’m willing to bet that someone out there uses a template to copy and paste a single sheet into workbooks already. Today’s method will eliminate the copy / paste part and will just insert the worksheet from the get go. (Yeah! Less steps).

Ok, so now we know the task at hand, so let’s get to it.

The first thing you need to do is create a one worksheet workbook. You can remove extra sheets in a couple of ways. One of them is to highlight the sheet tabs to be removed and then use the Edit menu, Delete Sheet choice. You could also right click on the Sheet tab and choose Delete from the pop up menu).

Do all of your template work, such as formulas, labels, etc.

Now save the file as a template. (Don’t forget to change the file type to template in the Save As window and then save in the appropriate template folder. Excel will jump over to this location when you choose the template file type, so don’t go back to your usual file saving location).

The one sheet template will show up with all the rest of the templates when you do File menu, New choice. If you open it from there, it will be a new workbook, which is obviously not the point of the whole thing.

So, the question begs to be asked. How do you insert the worksheet template into another workbook?

Good question and I’ve got just the answer you need.

In the workbook where the template will be added, right click on a sheet tab.

From the pop up menu, choose Insert.

The Insert window will open and you’ll find all your templates waiting for you.

Choose the correct template and click OK.

Poof! Your worksheet has now been inserted into the workbook. It’s ready and eagerly awaiting your new data.

~ April

P.S. – You can insert a multiple worksheet template into a workbook using the right click and Insert method too!