The Bratwurst Pages

The Bratwurst Pages

For some reason I just could not resist this site. It was submitted to me to review shortly after the Beans Around the World site. It’s just as quirky a topic, which is probably why I’m so excited to share it with you.

First, I’ll warn you, there is more to this Web page than just the bratwurst. There is also polka and a whole heck of a lot of information about Wisconsin.

So, what are the sections to this site? Well, they are:

You Say Drinking Fountain, We Say Bubbler – here you can learn about the different terms that are an everyday part of the vocabulary of Wisconsin.

Small Town Wisconsin – this talks about how Wisconsin is really a series of different small towns and has a list of things you know and can relate to if you are from Wisconsin.

Brats, Wisconsin’s Soul Food – here you can learn all about how to cook bratwurst and eat bratwurst.

Beer – this section is obviously about beer. Here you can find a list of breweries in Wisconsin, as well as, a thorough discussion on the use of bratwash to refer to beer.

Oom Pah Pah (Let’s Polka) – this section is all about polka and it even includes a great link to a polka diagram of the steps used by the male in the dance.

The Wisconsin Recipe Pages – ah, the page we’ve been waiting for. The recipe page. These are categorized by type of dish. For example, Appetizer, Sides, Fish, etc. Take your time and find the ones you like.

Regional and World Food – this section is really cool. You can find recipes by region here. From different regions of America to different countries, there are a lot of interesting recipes to be found here.

Well, that is all from me on the subject of bratwursts. 🙂

~ Amanda

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