Create An Auto Reply

Create An Auto Reply

Are you ever away away from your computer for long periods of time? Maybe you’re going on vacation or you’re stuck in meetings at work, so you won’t be able to check your e-mail for a few days or so. If you’re going to be away from your e-mail for an extended period of time, you can send all of your e-mailers an auto reply message telling them that you’re away from your computer.

You can tell them where you are, how long you’re going to be gone, when you will return and that you will get back with them as soon as you can (or whatever you’d like to write). It’s just a little note to tell them that you did get their e-mail, but you are unable to view it and reply to it at that time. That way your e-mailers know that you’re not just ignoring them and they can then look forward to your reply when you get back.

To do this in Outlook Express, first hit Create Mail just like you were starting a new e-mail. Go ahead and type the message you would like to appear and then go to File, Save As. Give your auto reply a file name, make sure you know where you saved it and then click Save. You can now close that window.

Note: Make sure you save your reply as a filename.txt so just text will come up in your auto message.

Now, you can make a new rule for your message, so you know it will go exactly where you want it to. Go to Tools, Message Rules and choose Mail. Click on New and in the first box, you’re going to choose the last option that says “For all messages.” In the second box, choose “Reply With Message” and in the third box, click on the link that says “Message.”

A new menu will appear and you can go and browse to find your saved auto reply message. Select your file and then click Open. In the fourth box there, you’ll want to name your rule “Auto Reply” and then click OK. Another window will pop up just confirming your rule and you can just click Apply Now.

Next, a screen will come up asking you where you want to place your selected rule. Make sure the Inbox is selected as the folder you want and then click Apply Now again, then Close. Then one more click on OK and you will be all set.

For Yahoo! mail, go to your main mail page and choose Options, Vacation Response. You can set the dates you’re going to be gone and then type your message. Once you’re done, just click Turn Auto-Response On.

For AOL, it is called an away message, but it has the same general meaning. Login to AOL and choose the Settings tab in your mailbox window. Click on the Away Message (E-mail) link and then turn on your away message. You can either pick “I am unavailable to read your message at this time” or you can pick a time for when you will return. Click OK and you’re done.

~ Erin

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