Infinite Wheel

This is a crazy little site that I ran across while surfing the Web. I was quite delighted and amazed at how fun and addicting it is.

You do need Macromedia Flash Player to use it, so you can download it here if you don’t have it.

How do you navigate? Well, you start by clicking any of the twirling weird little smiley faces or icons. Then it loads up that section of the site. If you scroll your mouse over them, they will tell you what Dub selector you are on. Choose whichever strikes your fancy and get ready to make music.

MY favorite is Dub 8. I can play with the sound there for hours and be content

So how does it work once you’ve loaded in? Well, normally you’ll find a start or play button on the screen somewhere and then it’s time to discover what your mouse can do. Try clicking on things or even just scrolling over them to see what happens.

This is one site that will give you a lot of mindless fun. It certainly helped me distress. Check it out!

~ Amanda