Move That Window

Move That Window

Picture this: you’re sitting at your computer and you have a browser window open while you search the Web and you also have some sort of a document laid out on your screen. I’m guessing that you probably have them both open to their full size, don’t you? It’s just too annoying to not have it that way, right?

Well, what if you wanted to move that window over so you could look at something else on your desktop? Maybe you need to open up another application from an icon on your desktop, but you can’t even see your icons, because the other windows are covering them up. What to do, what to do?

Don’t worry, there’s a simple fix. All you have to do is restore down the window you want to move. Then you can just grab the top of the window with your mouse and move it wherever you want it to be on your screen. You can even move it all the way to the bottom of your screen, so it will for sure be out of your way until you need it back up. Once the window is smaller, you can take it anywhere.

Restore down is the little box between the minimize button and the close button in the upper right hand corner of any window. Just click on that and it will shrink your window down so you can move it all around. Once you’re done, just click that button again and it will bring the window back to its maximum size.

Pretty neat, huh? I think it might come in handy for you one day. : )

~ Erin

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