Name Those Tracks

Name Those Tracks

Do you often listen to CDs on your computer? Maybe you just need to hear your favorite song to get you through the day at work, or you might just like to listen to music while you’re cleaning your house or just relaxing.

If you do, an easy way to keep all your CDs straight is to make playlists for them. Once you do that, every time you put in that CD, it will automatically pop up on your screen and you’ll know exactly what songs you’re going to hear.

All you need to do is open up your CD drive (it could be on your tower or on the side of your computer if you have a laptop). In case you’re not sure, the CD drive is just a little tray that slides out with an area big enough to fit a CD. There’s a little button on your tower and you just push that for the drive to come out. Put the CD in there and then push the button again to close it.

Once you close it, your computer will automatically recognize that you put new software in and if you have a media player already downloaded on your computer, the CD will open in that program. (See today’s Q&A tip for different types of media players and filenames).

Now, once your program pops up, it will have a playlist area where you can name the album and name all of the songs on the CD. It depends on which program you use as to where the playlist will be, but it should be right there on the first screen when your player opens. When you first start, the songs will just say Track 1, Track 2, etc. and it will say Unknown Album, so that’s why you can put the information in for easier recognition of each CD every time you listen to one on your computer.

It’s really cool, especially if you have tons of CDs and you listen to almost all of them on your computer.

Happy listening!

~ Erin

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