You Send It

Do you ever find yourself wanting to send larger files through your e-mail? I know that is a problem I have run into when I want to send movies or images to my mom through e-mail.

With this site, you don’t have to face that anymore. You can send files up to 50 and 100 MB. If you really want to send larger files, you can pay to upgrade your service. But I can’t imagine sending a file larger than what the free service allows.

So how does it work? Well you register for free, activate your account with the e-mail that they send you and then you are ready to login and start sending files to your family and friends (or whoever!)

Now you’ve logged in and you are ready to send out the file, right? Well it works like sending a regular e-mail. Put in the address of the person you are sending it to. Type out your message and then click the browse button to find the file you want to attach. Once you have the file, click “Send It.”

The page then tells you when it is uploaded. Now the recipient of the file has seven days to download it and they only get 25 downloads before it gets moved off the server. It’s easy as pie, right? They even give you a link to the file you uploaded.

You can also set up a contacts list, manage your inbox and so much more. This is a great and very useful site that I hope sticks around for a long time. I know I added it to my favorites!

~ Amanda