Online News

Did you know that you can read pretty much everything you read in a newspaper on the Internet? Well, now you know, you can. There are several Web sites out there that have daily news from around the world, from within your state and even within your city or town.

Sites such as, and have all kinds of news. They offer everything from world news to sports to entertainment. Some sites even have other news categories such as business, health and technology.

All you have to do when you go to one of these sites is look for the News link and click on that. It will take you to the main news sections of the site and you can search through the stories and find what you want to read. Some of the Web sites even offer a place for you to enter your zip code so you can read your local news. All of the sites have pictures as well.

You can also go to your newspaper’s Web site to read their news. If you happen to miss a newspaper one day or somehow misplace it, you can always log in to your newspaper’s site to read that day’s articles. (The Web address should be in the newspaper somewhere). Originally used pictures also accompany most of those stories as well.

It’s a really cool idea if you like reading things on your computer instead of in little black print on paper. You can grab your morning coffee, log on to your computer and catch up on all of the news of the day.

~ Erin