Plan 59

Plan 59

Welcome to Plan 59, where you can check out nostalgic images of the mid 1900s. It has mostly 1950s art (commercial art) and I really feel that this is an art form that has almost been entirely lost. So, I’m glad to see that someone devoted time to saving the clean lines of the past.

I should mention that if you are a car fan, you’re going to love a lot of the images here. I know I did. I almost drooled looking at the rear end of a 1958 Chevrolet Impala, which is my favorite car from both the past and the present.

The sections are Cars, Wagons, New, Photos, Trucks, Eh?, Décor, Old Ads, The DT’s and Food.

Most are self explanatory, right?

Cars, Wagons, Trucks – all of these are dedicated to motor vehicles. Just click a picture to get started. To continue surfing through the images, either hit the back button on your browser or click the picture to see the next picture. Easy, right?

New – here you will find what has been recently added to the site (blog style). You can also check here to find out what’s new.

Eh? – this is the FAQ and about sections all rolled into one.

Décor, Old Ads, Food and the DT’s – this covers the rest of the advertising spectrum from the 50s. You ask, “What are DT’s”? Well, I was wondering the same thing. It stands for the Demonic Tots and I can see where they are coming from with the name. Some of the kids there are quite scary looking. The Old Ads and Décor areas were very neat! It is amazing the way advertising has changed.

Are you ready to take a trip to the past?

~ Amanda

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