The weather is getting so much nicer as Spring rolls on, giving cabin fever stricken people everywhere the itch to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Whether it’s riding a bike, working in the yard, going camping or whichever activity you enjoy doing, you are likely to add this little adventure to your list.

I bet you will see more people doing it this year, with MP3 players becoming more popular than ever. This is going to be the year of the MP3 player, because they have hit mainstream in a big way by finding their way into the hands of a much broader market than just the music gurus, geeks and kids. So, with that said, you are likely to see everyone wearing their MP3 players while they go about their outdoor activities this spring and summer.

I believe that there are two major factors that are really going to help MP3 popularity go through the roof this year, which are:

  • The prices are coming down dramatically, since it isn’t “bleeding edge” technology anymore. And thanks to manufacturer competition, there are a lot more price ranges to work with than before.
  • The other major factor, I believe, is the popularity of podcasts. Everyone is creating their own podcast these days. I just saw a 7/11 podcast. What’s that all about?! MP3 users aren’t bound to listening to just music anymore. There are all kinds of great talk and news shows to listen to, as well as, an abundance of other genres to enjoy at your leisure.

The last of these two points is what I’m here for today. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran MP3 player user, or maybe just a little curious about the whole thing, you’re going to love this week’s download. It is a nifty little program called PodAmigo.

This isn’t the missing fourth amigo, but rather, PodAmigo is a podcast aggregator, or portal. Like an RSS reader, PodAmigo manages and organizes all of your podcast subscription downloads centrally for easy administration. If you belong to any podcast now, you know that it is very easy to miss one from time to time, and even though you can get them back, it’s just one more thing to do.

With PodAmigo, there is a mind numbing amount of tools, options and services that are all tied together to facilitate any podcast need you may have. For example, let’s say you have three podcasts that you get every week. You just enter the proper information into PodAmigo and it will take care of the rest. PodAmigo will watch your podcasts for updates and once all of your podcasts have been successfully downloaded for the day, PodAmigo organizes them into day lists. The day list information is then stored in its own area, so you can quickly and easily synchronize your MP3 player with the podcasts, and be on your way.

Sounds great Chad, but I don’t have any podcast subscriptions. I only listen to music. So, where can I find and review podcast subscriptions that I may be interested in?

That’s an understandable question and PodAmigo has already thought of that as well. PodAmigo is more than a program, it’s a podcast portal of sorts. It comes complete with links that go out to copious amounts of other podcast resources. Right from the main interface, you can select the Podcast Alley tab or Yahoo Podcasts Beta and you will be transported to a site with any category of podcasts you could ever want. They range from comedy to hardcore news. If you’re looking for it, they’ll have it. You can even sign up to do your own podcast or set up a podmail account, which will allow you to receive and send audio MP3 files via e-mail right into your friend’s MP3 player.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what you can do with PodAmigo. I recommend that anyone who uses or plans on using their MP3 player to at least take a look at what they have to offer. You might be surprised at all the great things you can do with that one piece of technology.

Who knows, one of you could start your own podcast and turn into a big superstar. And if you do, don’t forget about the little people who helped you get there, like your favorite security and download writer, Chad. : )

Anyway, I hope you enjoy everything that PodAmigo has to offer. It’s a great service that could easily wind up being your MP3 player control center. One more suggestion that I have is to go out and get some rechargeable batteries for your MP3 player, if you don’t have some already, because you’re going to be eatin’ them up like Tic-Tacs, with all the cool podcasts you’re going to be listening to!

You can download PodAmigo here.

~ Chad Stelnicki