Husband on Strike

I found this site to be rather interesting and with all the news coverage it’s been getting, it is turning into an international debate. Here you will find out all about why this man is on strike from his marriage.

Rather than resort to divorce and splitting his family up, this man has resorted to going on strike, because he doesn’t feel like his wife takes his opinions and feelings into consideration.

He is posting interesting news clips, he was on Geraldo Rivera’s show and has started a petition for people to sign on the subject.

This definitely is an interesting way of getting his point across. I bet his wife is really mad and embarrassed. I just wish that he had included more background information on his site rather than a video that doesn’t make any sense in relation to his story, and could be quite offensive to some people (so be aware of that).

Hopefully, as this site grows, we will find out more about what’s going on, because the subject has certainly piqued my interest. What do you think?!

~ Amanda