I’ve probably mentioned this a million times before, but my mom loves cows! Because of that, I’m always on the look out for Web sites about cows and I found a gem in this one. Here you can see cows from the viewpoints of other cows. You can also see what cows see.

Some of the cows on this ranch have been given their very own video cameras. With some ingenious harnessing, these cows are decked out with video cameras that allow you to live “a day in a cow’s life” from the comfort of your computer chair. Ready to explore? I know I am!

When I visited this site, the Cow of the Day was Internet Phil. He is the first calf born on cow cam. I clicked the MooRe link and got to see this amazing birth, as well as, see Internet Phil up and moving afterward.

You also have cow cams to pick from: Cow1, Cow2 and Cow3. It was amazing to see how close to the cactus Cow3 got. It’s mind boggling, but interesting. A lot of the footage is obviously going to be a lot of terrain, wildflowers and such, but the occasional glimpses of the other cows are very rewarding.

In the same area as the cow cams, you’ll see an image of a cow. This flips and underneath the image is the name of the cow you are looking at. What a fun way to meet all the stars of the herd!

Straight From the Cows Mouth is a great, fun and frolicky blog from the cow’s point of view. You can also check out the archives for this, located just below the main area in the Blog Archive.

I really want you to visit the About Moo Tube section. Why, you ask. Well, because here you can learn all about how the harness and camera are set up, as well as, the “whys” behind the site. Next to the About Moo Tube link, you’ll find the Video Problems section. This will help you trouble shoot the site if you have video problems.

All in all, it’s a very neat site! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the pastures, but without all the cow smell!

~ Amanda