Vanishing Gridlines

Here’s a good tip that comes from a reader’s question regarding those pesky vanishing gridlines.

We all know that in MS Excel you can go into the Page Setup window (File menu, Page Setup choice) on the Sheet tab and check the box to have Excel print the gridlines with your data.

But, what’s going on when those gridlines just aren’t showing up?

Another computer glitch?

Probably not.

Take a look two lines below the Gridlines checkbox.

See the Draft quality choice?

If that’s checked, there’s your culprit.

Draft quality is a great thing. It helps to print the worksheet faster.

The trade off (yep, there’s always a trade off) is that while you’re busy saving time, it’s busy not printing gridlines and most graphics.

Want your gridlines back?

Uncheck the Draft quality box and click OK.

And just like that, you’re back in the grid!

~ April