E-mail Maintenance

Want to change some of your e-mail settings in Outlook Express? Maybe things just aren’t going the way you want them to within your e-mail and you just need to do some things differently. Well, that’s no problem. Let’s do it!

Open up Outlook Express and go to Tools, Options. Once in there, click on the Maintenance tab. In this box, you can do a lot of cleaning up, so to speak, in your e-mail program.

You can choose to have all of your e-mails deleted every time you exit out of OE, you can choose to purge some of them and there are also some options in there if you use a newsgroup.

If you are part of a newsgroup, you can have OE delete all of the messages you have already read or you can choose when to have them deleted. Just use the number box to pick how many days you want to wait before the messages are completely cleared out. You can go as low as zero and as high as you so choose!

A couple other things you can do for maintenance is clean up any downloaded messages that might be in your system. If you want to do that, click on the Clean Up Now button. You can also change the location of your store folder, which is where your messages are stored. If you want to change that, click on the Store Folder button.

To make any changes, just use the checkboxes and check it if you want it or uncheck it if you don’t. It’s as simple as that! Now your e-mail will be all cleaned out! Isn’t that a great feeling?!

~ Erin