Working with copies of the same files on more than one PC can get pretty complicated, pretty quick. Sure you can use the old Windows briefcase, but it can be a little awkward to use and the data isn’t always available.

Did you ever attempt to bring some work home with you only to forget the important documents you need? Or even worse, what if you brought the work home in order to finish something up, only to forget the documents and leave them home where they are of little or no use.

You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you? Sometimes you need access to data and sometimes it’s just not feasible. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “mirror” or “clone” of important files that are available to you anywhere that has Internet access? Well, with this week’s download, rightly named BeInSync, this all becomes reality.

BeInSync is an unbelievable remote synchronization program that uses a secure peer-to-peer technology to keep predetermined folders and files synchronized. No more lugging around removable media that can get lost, causing all kinds of potential problems. Rather, BeInSync is a small program that can use the Internet to keep many exact copies of any size file. BeInSync runs in the background and it quietly and seamlessly transfers files and folder changes immediately over the Internet to other configured PCs.

At first, one might think this technology to be overly complicated, but it’s not. BeInSync does all the configuring for you. You don’t even have to open up a port on your firewall for the file transfers to be successful. All you have to worry about is what files and folders you want to keep “in sync.” Not to mention, the program has tons of resources such as a quick start guide and a full-featured tutorial that walks you through using BeInSync.

Another use for BeInSync is using it for quick offsite backups. Since the transmission is secure (256-bit SSL encryption), you can rest assured that your data won’t be hacked while the transfer is being made.

With BeInSync, you can also create groups of up to 10 individuals and invite them to synchronize a particular folder with you. This will allow all of these individuals to have the exact same folder or file as you and keep it up-to-date. That’s pretty cool if you think about it and the applications one could use that ability for are endless.

This version of BeInSync is the free trial of BeInSync Pro. When the trial period runs out (10 days) however, you will still be able to use BeInSync, but with some limitations. Even though it’s limited, the free version of the program is still incredibly useful retaining all of its fundamental features and only really lacking expansions of these features. I have illustrated the difference between the free and the pro version below, so you can see for yourself what functionality remains.

What are the differences between BeInSync Pro™ and BeInSync?

  BeInSync (basic version) BeInSync Pro™
Secure Synchronization + +
Number of Shares 5 15
Number of Daily Synched Files 10 Unlimited
Auto Sync +
Secure Remote Web Access + +
Premium Support +

So, if you find yourself working with a number of different PCs through the course of an average week or day, this could prove to be an invaluable application. This is one of those truly great software tools, which will have you asking the question, “How did I ever get along without this”?

You can download BeInSync here.

System Requirements for BeInSync:

– Windows Operating Systems 2000, XP
– Pentium III 600 Mhz, 128 MB RAM

~ Chad Stelnicki